Some thoughts about realignment

IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0832I

I’ve been watching a pair of robins build their nest in the forsythia (fake) wreath on my front door. They did a great job with twigs, grass and mud, but it was a little too heavy and slid to the side of the wreath holder. Oops, the eggs fell out. They built a second nest above the first and the same thing happened, slid to the side and oops, another clutch of eggs hit the floor of the porch. I felt bad for them and this morning, I noticed a pair of robins building in a tree close to the house. I hope that it’s the pair from the porch who made the necessary adjustments to their housing arrangements.

Sometimes, you just need to rethink things.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts about realignment

  1. Hooray for you with your blog! I found it very entertaining. There sure are lots of projects in the northeast! We are doing inside and outside home improvements.

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