6 months later, another post

erin did a great job hooking me up with a blog of my own as my Mother’s Day gift.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t practice very much and totally forgot everything she taught me.  I started a program with Christine Kane a few weeks ago, called UpLevel You which has spurred me to finish some projects and get working on others that have been on the very, very back burner.  One of those was blogging, another was my studio.  It looks as though I may gain a studio outside the home when erin moves back to Vermont.  I will take over her Delavan studio (which is close to Michael’s orthodontic practice) and use it for a metal clay working/quilting space.  Guess that means that I have to change the name of the blog to Metal Quiltodontist!


Not quite ready for Blog Time

OK, so erin gave me this blog for Mother’s Day and we all know that was almost 2 months ago. There we 2 postings and then life intervened and I never got back to it. I am currently following progress on her Kickstarter project – check it out! erin l m harris on Kickstarter, the name of the project is PETite Prints. It is a wonderful heartfelt way to show your love for your pet. I would send you a link, but I don’t know how to do that yet!

My husband and daughter at her wedding.  I made that coat with my mother for my senior prom (which I went to with my husband-it's when he "knew" he wanted to marry me!)
My husband and daughter at her wedding. I made that coat with my mother for my senior prom (which I went to with my husband-it’s when he “knew” he wanted to marry me!)

My first actual posting

Well, erin gave me a lovely gift yesterday for Mother’s Day.  She set up a blog for me on Word Press.  A blog was something that I’d said I would like to do some day, but like many women, I never seem to make the time for the intentions that I have stated for myself.

I enjoyed all the pictures of mothers that found their way to people’s Facebook pages and blogs and thought that a picture of my Mom would be an appropriate first posting.

This piece is a faux encaustic that I made at the Red Thread Retreat with Claudine Hellmuth in October.  The theme of the retreat was Me, Myself and I, our past, present and future.  There were three wonderful teachers, Claudine, Nina Bagley and Lesley Riley who each had a day as the featured teacher.  Nineteen women, no cooking, but plenty of eating, wine and 24 hour studio access in a beautiful mountain retreat center.  My Mother would have loved it!


Introducing Corinne

Welcome to my blog!

I call myself a “quiltodontist”.

I love to quilt when I find the time, but more often I am helping out with my husband’s orthodontic practice, supporting my daughter’s growing jewelry business, and enjoying my son’s baby girl, my first grandchild!

This blog was a Mother’s Day present from my daughter.  She wanted to give me a platform to showcase  my passions and show a photo or two of the things that make me tick.  Thanks for visiting!

moms 60

(The quilt I made to celebrate turning 60.  I’m laughing at my AARP card!)